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CARI CARTMILL & BADJAK Perform their song Stones Throw Away - Live (to 2TrkDAT) @ BADJAK Studios in Rancho Mirage CA July of 2002. BADJAK:
Cari Cartmill- Vocals/Keyboards
Robert Long- Guitars
John Alexander- Bass
Craig "Sticks" Wicks- Drums
Copyright 1999 Cartmill/Long
All Rights Reserved


Stones Throw Away
Verse- Still I don't remember
But I'll never forget
All those crazy times we had
All the money we spent
Still I don't remember
How it got this way
But I'm here to tell you in a special way
Ch- Breathe on me breath of life
Should I pray for the answer
And if I do then will I find..
It was only a stones throw away
Stones throw away,(4xs)
Copyright 2000 -Cartmill/Wicks
All Rights Reserved