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Cari Cartmill Song Recorded LIVE @ Christy's SSF , 1998
Gordon Mac- Guitars
Cari Cartmill- Vocals, Keys, Guitar & Trumpet
Chris Springer- Bass
Tom Babitt - Drums
Copyright1988 Cari Cartmill All Rights Reserved


Mongoose Gang
Verse- We went down to where it's clean
To find some shells from yesterday
Night comes to those who dream
On the other side of this lonely time
CH- Get off the street
You don't want to meet
The Mongoose Gang
They're workin' for pay
It's the CIA behind the
Mongoose Gang
They're comin' again
They need some good men
For the Miongoose Gang
V- And when you know all the names
And they get in the way of your fantasies
When everyone else is working so hard
For the winning Candidate
CH- You can lie on the floor
As they kick in the door
They're the Mongoose Gang
Whatever you own
Your alibi's blown
It's the Mongoose gang
If they don't like your face
It'll soon be erased
By the Mongoose Gang