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DEMO Recorded & Produced By Cari Cartmill At Kill Hollywood Studio Palm Springs CA FEB 2018
Kill Hollywood Is:
Cari Cartmill - Vocals Keyboard
George Christian Guitar
Mandravion BASS
David Fernandez DRUMS
Copyright Cartmill/Palmer 1988
All Rights Reserved


Verse- A week of Sundays
To see Nirvana
A toll is due my darling Sara
The light is red
Yourself is cold
You breathe a scent nineteen years old
'We are such stuff as dreams are made of
Our Little lives rounded with sleep'
CHORUS- Flowers make you feel good
Where I never could
Flowers in my, flowers in my blood

Verse- A year of war
To steel the summer
The coals are raked with Silent warnings
Tonight may disturb the dreams of birds
And leave us willing to start again
Copyright Cari Cartmill 1988 All Rights Reserved