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DEMO Recorded & Produced By Cari Cartmill At Kill Hollywood Studio Palm Springs CA FEB. 2018
Kill Hollywood Is:
Cari Cartmill - Vocals/Piano
George Christian Guitar
Mandravion BASS
David Fernandez DRUMS
Copyright Cari Cartmill 2018 All Rights Reserved


Copyright2017 Cari Cartmill
All Rights Reserved


Verse- Oh Hey You Say- November's Stolen Day
Never thought I’d learn to Pray
America We Don't Recognize You
Her Soul Crushing Loss
Brought US This Crazy Boss
Fascism Comes Carrying A Flag & A Cross
America Look At All We've Lost

CH- This (He)Won't Last (take) Forever
America's Stronger Together
Remember What She Said...(Resist )
Listen Up My Countrymen
Watch As Love Trumps Hate Again
Packin Truth Onto His 747

Verse- Oh Now You Find It's Such A Scary Time
Our Country’s' Captain & His High Crimes
America We Are Not Blind
Home Of the Brave Land Of The Free
Now We Are Ruled By Ruled By Secrecy
Illegitimate 45 Like All Con Men Lied